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All the endorsements are published with the permission of the authors.

During the years we have known Sharon and Derek we have always found their advice in respect of miniature
horses to be both sound and useful.   Whether it be advice and practical help with clipping and maintenance of our clippers,
how to handle badly behaved colts, once again provided to include hands on help from Sharon, general handling/showing tips or sound blood line information, both Sharon and Derek have years of experience from which we can all learn. This information is always passed on in a friendly, unassuming manner - no colossal egos as is so often the case with breeders. 

Their shows are a pleasure to attend particularly as they are held in a most informal way with no pressure and invariably a good giggle is had by all.  
We have much to thank them both for and are grateful for the enormous amount of help provided over the years.  
Long may they both continue to be leaders in the field of miniature horse showing

-- Margaret Hillyer --

Sharon and Derek have been a great help to us. My friend and I decided to get into  mini's after finding out that we both had chronic health issues.We both had a lot of experience with competing, riding schools, breeding yards etc and as we were told that we shouldn't ride again we went to the Mhoys show to check the mini's out. Everybody was very friendly and helpful and we were hooked!  We took one of our ponies to the Shadel show in May and we both had many questions for Sharon and Derek!  They were so supportive, encouraging and Knowledgable.They had a true passion with their horses and it was obvious that they loved every one of them. They were so proud to show us the different blood lines that they had and made us feel very welcome. We have  now become friends and we feel very honoured that they have taking us under their wing with the mini's and  still answering many questions!

-- Lindy Haddon --

I would be very happy to give you an endorsement for your services. I was very fortunate to contact you, when I was first looking for minis and was extremely grateful for your excellent and impartial advice. You were always willing to answer any queries I had, there being many at the beginning and you were, again, willing to impart your knowledge and guidance, particularly navigating the minefield of regulations and paperwork. Allowing me to advertise on your website was also a huge success. There should be more ambassadors like you for the minis ! ! !

-- Auriol Robinson --

Belated thanks for last Saturday.  Jenna and I had a great day; we learnt so much, not just by 'doing', but by listening to the advice and anecdotes with which you were so generous.  It is invaluable for novices like us to garner so much knowledge from someone with so much experience and will help enormously in progressing with our mini's.  We came away much more confident and brimming with ideas as to  how we should go forward.  Thanks, too, for the offer of always being on the end of the phone if we have any questions, and for the regular cups of tea!

We will stay in touch and, when the opportunity arises, arrange for our 2 to come and have their holidays with you.  It was rather sad that, for the next day and a half, Merlin was calling rather forlornly for his new found friend - he really loved the company! So if we move, we will definitely consider getting another 2 mini's to make up a herd.  It would certainly be more fun for them

-- Debbie Morshead --

Hi Sharon,
I am quite happy to share the pleasant experience I had when buying my lovely filly ...Shadel Cloudless Sioux...from Shadel Stud. It was satisfactory from the start  and  Sharon was so helpful with all my questions. It is difficult when buying from another country as "trust and honesty" is so important for seller and buyer. In my case, Shadel was an example of how miniature horse breeders "should" conduct a sale. Everyone is happy then. And I certainly was. I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon and Derek at UK Arena  at a later date and hope some day to visit their Stud. I would not hesitate to buy another miniature horse from them and know I would receive the same attention and satisfaction.
Keep up the good work,
-- Joan Hawkins.... Gowla Miniature Stud, Ireland --

For 3 yrs I've sent horses to Shadel and I've had the most fantastic experience dealing with them; their care is second to none and the horses love the friendly happy yard.

I could not think of anyone id rather send my beautiful horses to other than Sharon and Derek at Shadel.
They will always be my first choice

-- Helen Underwood-Thomas --

We had been breeding minis for several years and wanted to move forward into the showing world, but due to family commitments it had not been possible until we met Sharon and Derek of Shadel Stud. We sent a young filly to them
with the most wonderful results and watched with great excitement as they turned a very fat n furry little duck into
a beautiful prize winning swan.

For the next three years Sharon and Derek had several of our horses for show production and sale, we thank them sincerely
for the time and trouble they have taken to find the best possible new homes for our sale horses. The extra mile (literally) that these guys at Shadel have gone to for us speaks volumes, having trekked many times over the years to South West Wales
to support, teach, advise and help us to choose which horses should go back with them for show production that year.

In 2009 we found ourselves in a position to get more hands on with the showing and branched out on our own. Sharon
and Derek have and still do give help and support wherever and whenever needed. Their natural methods, wealth of knowledge, time, patience, understanding, attention to every detail, help and advise, trips to our stud and numerous phone calls at
all hours it what has got us where we are today.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful these two very special people are and would strongly recommend them to anyone
in the miniature horse world for show production to just good honest straightforward friendly advice and everything
else in between. Keep up the good work Shadel, we love you guys......xx 

-- Carol & Cathy Barclay @ Ancaster Stud