Shadel Miniature Stud




The Shadel Stud was established in 1996 with purchase of our first stallion, Equuleus El Pampero, and the spotted mare Tontika (see Our Mares page).

We spent a great deal of time making sure we have the best of English bloodlines. For the last few years we have concentrated on producing and showing all the stock that we have purchased.

We have now introduced American bloodlines to further refine some of our stock.

Our original speciality was the Spotted Pony, but we have now added palomino & silver' to the colours we are breeding for.

Introducing Shadel

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AND not forgetting SPARKY, our little grey rescue gelding who came to live with us three years ago and thinks that he can keep the mares and visitor's children in order!!!

Sparky has now gone to be a companion to a big coloured horse mare in her retirement, and hoping to take up a career as a driving pony


All of our stock is registered with IMHPS as well as their respective colour registers as we firmly believe that quality is quality irrespective of size . our miniatures regularly beat full sized horses in the show ring - as you can see from the photo below, the results speak for themselves!