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We currently have nothing available for sale

Any horse of our own breeding bought from Shadel Stud will be fully registered and papered with any society that it is eligible to be registered with BEFORE it is sold/collected ( including AMHA).
All of our horses are completely up to date with all of the relevant paperwork, and you can buy from us with confidence.
Any horses advertised on our website for clients will have their paperwork checked beforehand, but we cannot accept responsibility for any errors found in paperwork relating to horses not belonging to us.
Customers are advised to check that this is all in order BEFORE purchasing the horse

Disclaimer: Deposits requested on any of the Shadel horses for sale are NON REFUNDABLE unless in exceptional circumstances

Do you have a mini that you wish to sell ? Would you like to make the best of it, and reach many more potential buyers through our website and connections ? We have made successful sales for owners in the last two years,
and would like to offer this service as part of our livery/training /production package. Please contact us to discuss details/terms etc.

We are happy to advertise horses for other people on our sales page. We do not charge for this service. All ads will be vetted first.  Please contact us if interested


Below are some of the Shadel horses sold recently and in past years






If you would like to contact us for details of any aspect of this site or our horses please telephone +44 (0)1264 398324 or email

Disclaimer: Shadel Miniature Stud do not accept any responsibility for accuracy of content of adverts placed on this page on behalf of clients.
Interested purchasers should ensure they check direct with the vendors to confirm all points of sale.