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We are proud of the results we are able to present to our customers. To see some of their endorsements click the following link  ...    Happy Customers

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We are great believers in
Natural Horsemanship and employ these methods in all our training,
including show production. We are now have a dedicated page showing our methods and how they work.
Click here to visit the page

We can offer training days in Halter, obstacle/ jumping training and showmanship.
Training day tailored to your requirements. 20 per horse

From 30.00 per week.
Includes regular turnout, feeding, farriery, grooming and exercise.
Show entries and transport fees extra; this will depend on where you want your horse to be shown and how often.

Alternatively, come and spend a day with us for instruction in full show preparation.
Learn how to make the best out of your horse, practice ring craft techniques, either with your own horse or one of ours.
Cost: 50.00 a day

  Want to show your own horse, but not sure how to go about it?
Come and spend a day at a show with us. We will take you through everything, from the early morning start to having a go with one of our horses.
Cost for show day: 40.00 (includes entry into one class with one of our horses)

 Instruction at your own home / yard
I can arrange to visit you and your horses at home for lessons if required. Training tips / show production / difficult horse ?
or individual requirements (please contact us to discuss)
Fee: 30.00 per hour plus travelling


We have won with our minis at BMHS, IMHPS, NMESA, BSPPS, Royal London and many open shows when
competing against full size horses. LET US DO THE SAME FOR YOU. 

Shadel firmly believe that a good miniature horse can hold it's own against any other equine, and have proved this
many times over. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing your mini at the top of a line up of BIG horses.
Let us show YOU how it feels !!

Browse through the photos below to see some of our achievements for our happy customers



Pictured left - Elaine Gombos with Silver Grace
Little Cottontail
after winning Reserve Champion
Yearling at the 2007 Midlands In Hand Show.

The smile says it all!



Driving training one of our specialities

Jumping training also
included if required

Our first pupil, with her lovely pony Trianna. After two lessons, and countless e-mails
and phone calls, they have done very well at their first two shows, qualifying for
CHAPS Championship on her first outing and now qualified for Royal International Horse Show,
Royal London and Miniature Horse of the Year Show!

We have had great success with our foals .. as you can see above.

Shadels Cowboy Too, keeping up the tradition
of champion foals

Needs no introduction .. El Pampero .. winning again

Big as well as small!


             Local help employed with coat reduction!

2013 Production Team

Shadel welcome Silvergrace Wizard for the 2013 season.

Thank you Joanna Lamb for entrusting your
boy to us this year.
Wizard is qualified for Mini Hoys, MHCGB Champs, Royal london Show and MIDARC Summer Champs

Shadel also welcome back Scovell Dandelion for 2013.

Thank you to The Read family and Laura Ellis Jones for entrusting Dan to us once again.
Dandelion is qualified for IMHPS Mini Hoys, MHCGB
Champs, Royal London and MIDARC Summer Champs '
2012 Production Team

Congratulations to Mark Oliver on his purchase of
Shadel Painted Savannah
Remaining here for the rest of the season to be shown

Qualified for MHCGB Champs & Mini Hoys


Shadel welcome back Zorro for 2012.
Showing in Draft and being broken to drive.

Zorro has qualified for Royal London Show & Southwestern Pony Assoc Champs


We also welcome back Scovell Dandelion
for another season.

Sold to the Read family

New owner for 2012. Shadel welcome
Sir Percival of Model Farm
for Pat Kaye

Sir Percival has qualified for MHCGB Champs, Mini
Hoys & Royal London Show

Shadel welcomes Cefn Glan Indian War
for 2012

War Colours has now qualified for MHCGB Champs,
Mini Hoys & Royal London Show

We will certainly have a colourful group out this year


2011 Production Team

Shadel welcome Scovell Dandelion for the 2011 season.

Thank you Elizabeth for entrusting another of your horses to us. 'Dan' has completed 3 shows and has never been
placed lower than 2nd. Qualified for Mini Hoys, MHCGB Championships & Royal London 2011

Placed 3rd & 4th in his classes at MHCGB Championships

Dan achieved 2 x 3rd at Mini HOYS. He will be staying with us over the winter and will be shown again in 2012 

Shadel welcome two new AMHA horses for show livery this year. Both from the Fordswood Stud

Firstly Fordswood Coco Chanel, 2 yr old bay   & white filly


Qualified for Mini Hoys, Royal London & MHCGB Championships at her first show ( 2nd in all 3 qualifiers

Also Fordswood Golden Dream yearling palomino colt.

Thank you to Lindsey and Dave for trusting us with your horses


Shadel welcome the first of their show liveries for 2011.

Saffiya Forever Zorro.

Many thanks to his owner Sarah Chettle for entrusting him to us.

Congratulations Sarah. Zorro is now qualified for Mini HOYS, MHCGB Championships & Royal London Show

Zorro finished his 2011 season with a reserve Championship
at the Weyhill Autumn show, and 4th & 5th at the
Royal London. He is staying with us over the winter and
will be broken to drive for 2012

2010 Production Team

Shadel welcome back Chips for the 2010 season.
As you can see he was happy to see me again this year !

Shown twice so far. Miniature horse CH first time out. Festival
of colour Res Supreme spotted Pony (open classes).

He is qualified for IMHPS MINI HOYS, MHCGB

Chips won the spotted youngstock class at the New
Forest Show for the second year running.

Also visiting from Wales. along with Chips, Cefn Glan
Cherry Blossom. Half sister to Painted Lady, she too
has qualified for MHCGB Championships, IMHPS
Mini Hoys and Royal London 2010.

Her biggest achievement so far though has been 4th in a CHAPS Newcomer class (open) out of 15 ! Congratulations Helen -
your coloured babies are doing you proud

Blossom was Miniature Champion at Cadnam Show in Sept.  qualifying for The Royal London 2011.

Congratulations to Julie Read and family on qualifying
Cefn Glan Painted Lady ( coloured filly on right)
for Mini Hoys.

Lady came here over the  winter for show training and
now has a great home with the Read family
Also, working away in the background for this
year are Joker .......
....  and Tinker. Here to be started on the
road to becoming driving minis

2009 Production Team

Shadel welcome Cefn Glan Mr Chocolate Chip from the Cefn Glan stud for 2009.


On his first outing he won IMHPS yearling, 2nd in novice and 2nd in spotted classes and was Reserve Supreme IMHPS Champion

Congratulations to Helen Underwood-Thomas on the success of their colt, Chip, at the BSpPS National Championships.
Chip was Provisional / Part bred Register National Champion for 2009 (photo above right)

New Forest Show 2009 - 1st in the the young stock spotted class and was Reserve Champion

Cefn Glan Mr Choc Chip won the Spotted Yearling of the year Championship at Mini HOYS. 
Chips will be returning to Shadel in 2010

2008 Production Team

Shadel welcome LTD'S Find Me A Grand
for the rest of the season.
'Finder ' was IMHPS Champion and Reserve
Supreme miniature horse Champion overall at his first
show, qualifying for IMHPS Mini Hoys and the
Royal London at his first attempt


Yearling colt,
Scovell Raleigh from Scovell Stud

Thank you Elizabeth for entrusting one of your
babies to us again this year.

Qualified for MHOYS, Royal London and
MHCGB championship


 Raleigh gained 2nd place at the New Forest Show

He was 3rd in British bred Yearling colt at MHCGB Championships


Shadel welcome Golden Oak Stars and Stripes. Yearling filly.
Qualified for Mini HOYS, Royal London and SWPA Championships.


Supreme Champion at her first show!
This is what Stars and Stripes did at her
second show! Not a bad days' work?

In September, Stars and Stripes was awarded
Champion miniature horse at Cadnam Show

Champion Draught Yearling and Champion
British Bred Yearling at MHCGB Championships


Also for the 2008 season,
Golden Oak Silver Treasure,
Yearling colt

Qualified for Mini Hoys and Royal London
at his first show

Thank you Lindy for once again entrusting
us with your babies.

Shadel are pleased to be producing the homebred filly
Shadel Strike out in Colour for this season.

Many thanks Nicky

Shadel once again welcome two boys from Ancaster stud. Ancaster Plain Sailing (pic left) and
Ancaster New Edition
(pic right). Yearling colts. Both of these boys will be for sale'


Our own Golden Oak Dreamcatcher.

Now qualified for IMHPS Mini Hoys and Royal London.
Congratulations Emma on your Res Supreme with Dreamcatcher

2007 Production Team

Welcome again for this year Ancaster Charisma
- qualified for MHOYS and Royal London on her first attempt

Another one of Charisma....she is obviously raring to go !


New for this year, Ancaster Hermione
- qualified for MHOYS and Royal London at her first show!


Another of Hermione. 
Once again thank you to Carol Barclay at the Ancaster
for entrusting us with her girls. More are to follow

Shadel welcome two more fillies from the Ancaster Stud for this season - both partbred Falabella.
Pintaloosa yearling Ancaster Maybe Baby

and black and white yearling filly Ancaster Neyla

Shadel are happy to welcome two fillies from Golden Oak Stud for production this year.


Firstly Lewingales Sea Briar
Beautiful tri-coloured filly by our own
Looking Glass Seahorse. Briar has now
qualified for IMHPS MHOYS and Royal London,
and had great success at her second show.
Visit our show results page for more details.

Secondly Golden Oak Tahiti
A dun spotted filly, who is jumping for joy at the
prospect of being allowed to go out and show off !!.



Shadel welcome three fillies for the 2007 show season from Silver Grace Miniatures

Firstly, Looking Glass Lady Evelene
 - now qualified for Royal London Show

Secondly, Silver dapple filly, Silver Grace Little Cottontail.
now qualified for IMHPS MHOYS and Royal London


Shadel welcome Scovell Sapphire for the 2007 season.

One of our own - Going For Gold (Lucky)
who qualified for MHOYS and Royal London at
his first show this year

Another of our own, and a move in to the Shetland
show ring - Hermits All That Jazz



2006 Production Team

Shadel are happy to be producing the spotted
colt Scovell Columbus for Elizabeth Archer.
(pictured below).
Thank you Elizabeth for entrusting your boy to
us for this season. He has already qualified for IMHPS Miniature Horse of the Year Show
and Royal London Show.


And thank you Lindy, for entrusting us yet again
with one of your lovely fillies Golden Oak Bon Bon
for this season (below). Congratulations to Lindy as
Bon Bon qualified for Royal London & Miniature
Horse of the Year Show at her first attempt!

Shadel Stud welcome Ancaster Charisma,
pictured below, here to be produced for the rest
of the season.


 taken at Lionheart Show 22nd July where she took Reserve Champion Supreme!