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El Pampero
We have been counting down to El Pampero's 100th win - quite an achievement!
HE'S DONE IT!!! He is now on 108 wins in his showing career .. just a superstar
He has now retired from the showring ... to see a summary of his showing career in full, click here


Arlington Grove  ...  Res Ch Foreign bred.      
Hampshire Horsewatch show Winner class.  
Weyhill Show...winner Falabella/stallion classes      
Crealy Park....Winner solid colour & stallion classes & overall Champion
Qualified for Miniature Horse of the Year & Royal London  
Midland In Hand Show - 1st and Reserve champion, Senior Miniature Class
Cadnam Show Society Open Show - Miniatures 1st & Ch.  Foreign breeds 1st & Res Champion
Lionheart Summer Show - 1st & CH IMHPS Hunter Type. 1st & CH IMHPS Colour Section.  IMHPS Supreme Ch. 1st Open Hunter Type.  1st Solid Colour open.    
Lionheart show - 22nd July - Hunter type 1st & CH    Solid colour 1st & CH   
IMHPS  CH       Open Hunter type 1st    Open solid colour 1st    Open CH    Supreme Miniature CH  Foreign Breeds Open 1st &CH      
Romsey show - Miniature Class - 1st.
Cadnam Show Society Open Show - Miniatures horse Ch.  Driving type- 1st & Champion

Hermits All That Jazz

At only her second show Hermits All That Jazz excelled herself.  
1st open foal class,     1st open small M & M,     1st open coloured.
A force to be reckoned with in the future

MHOYS & Royal London Show Results 2006

El Pampero

MHOYS - 1st Senior Small Standard of the Year. 2nd Senior Falabella of the Year. 1st Senior Handler.
Royal London - 1st Small Foreign Breeds. 2nd Senior IMHPS  Mini Hunter. 3rd IMHPS Falabella. 3rd Open Mini Hunter .3rd Open Solid Colour.

Golden Oak Bon Bon


MHOYS - 2nd in Miniature pony/ 2nd in pairs/ 4th in ultra mini and 5th in Miniature yearling of the Year.         
  Royal London 1st & CH Open Miniature Hack & 1st in Junior Solid colour section

Scovell Columbus

MHOYS -  5th Miniature Spotted of the Year/ 6th Odd Colours  
Royal London -  6th Open Spotted Miniature/ 5th IMHPS Spotted class

Ancaster Charisma

MHOYS - 2nd in pairs ( with Bon Bon) 
Royal London - 4th  Small Foreign Breeds / 6th Open Miniature Coloured / 6th IMHPS Hunter Type


Golden Oak Dreamcatcher

Arlington Grove... 1st & Res Ch  
Festival of Colour ...1st spotted youngstock     1st miniature youngstock   
Qualified for Miniature Horse of the Year & Royal London

Hermits Sunita

Winner IMHPS Hunter Class Lionheart Show.   Qualified Royal London & Miniature Horse of the Year Show

Ancaster Charisma (with us for show production)

Lionheart Show 22nd July  - Hunter Youngstock 1st      Open Novice 1st     
Open Coloured 1st     Reserve Open CH        Reserve Supreme !!!   

Scovell Columbus (with us for show production)

Winner ... Novice class Lionheart show.    Qualified Mini HOYS & Royal London
Midland In Hand Show - 3rd Miniature class

Golden Oak Bon Bon (with us for show production)

Qualified Mini Hoys & Royal London 1st time out

Shadel are delighted to congratulate Lindy on the success of her filly, Golden Oak Bon Bon -  Supreme Champion at the Weyhill Miniature Horse Show on 3rd September. She won:  IMHPS Yearling....1st & IMHPS Champion.
American Partbred... 1st & Res Ch.  
Supreme Champion overall

CDM Mystical Moonbeam


Winner IMHPS 2 & 3 yr olds ..Weyhill Show. 
Qualified Miniature Horse of the Year & Royal London Show

2nd & Res Champion at Midlands In-Hand American breeds classes beating all but one of the Appaloosas !!

1st open hack type Lionheart Summer Show.                                                                           




                                   Yet another successful show for the Shadel Stud. Royal London 2005

Once again El Pampero excelled himself, with a total of 3 wins, 3 Reserve Championships and a Championship at the Royal London Show 2005

The Mark of Excellence in the evening performance for the Spotted Horse or
Pony of Britain title at the Royal London 2005




Lionhearts Summer Show - 24th July
El Pampero
... IMHPS Hunter Champion/ Colour Champion and Supreme Champion.
Open Hunter class winner and Reserve Champion and Reserve Champion overall.
Ably shown by Katy Russell

Cadnam Show - 5th June 2005
Shadel Stud continue their winning ways at the start of their 2005 campaign...with four wins, 3 championships and a reserve championship.
All taken against equines of ALL sizes

Elp does it again !!! Winning the Miniature class, 2nd in Foreign breeds and third in the driving...eventually going reserve champion ...again, at an open show...   (in the driving he beat all of the big coloured horses
and welsh ponies)


Boltwood Alchemist's 2005 Results So Far

Lionhearts Summer Show
24th July

Boltwood Alchemist
IMHPS Draught Champion

Festival of Colour - 12th June

Boltwood Alchemist joins the successful
Shadel Show team !!
Two wins and Reserve Champion on his showing debut
at the Festival of Colour, winning the Native
Palomino class and the Senior Miniatures.




We were honoured to be asked to produce the Golden Oak filly pictured above, half sister to our 2005 foal, for the show ring this year.

TINSEL GOES CHAMPION FIRST TIME OUT - Photo on the right taken at Cadnam Show where Tinsel was champion - at an open show, up against all the biggies!!!
Tinsel has now been sold and we would like to wish her new owners every success for the future

Some of our 2004 successes are shown below

El Pampero, doing what he likes to do best - win!

The Mark of Excellence at the New Forest Show 2004

Above - The Mark of Excellence and Total Miracle at the Festival of Colour 2004 where
 they were Champion & Reserve Champion.

Total Miracle was British Spotted Pony Society Points Champion for 2004. Congratulations to Miracle's owners.
We are so pleased too, to have bred such a little star!

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